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After an 18-year career in the Army, specialising in planning military intervention around the world, I entered the world of business as a founder member of a start-up telecoms company (CableTel which grew to be NTL, then Virgin Media). With an autonomous regional office in Cardiff, and Swansea, and a Head Office in Guildford, I established and built a new, challenger brand during my eight years with the company in order to break the monopoly that was then held by BT. Around this time, I also had my first NED position with a housing association.

Since then, I have operated in a variety of sectors including business telecommunications, defence communications, high-performance computing, the law, farming and rural economy, government relations, as well as, more recently, the not-for-profit member organisation. The one consistent thread in all my work is that it has been in Wales. 

My responsibilities have been at a C-level and public-facing. They include functional responsibilities for Government relations, Strategy development, Inward investment, business marketing, sales, digital innovation, operations and general management.

I am now engaged in a variety of NED, strategic planning and advisory roles.