Established in 1994, we have been providing great support to businesses in Wales ever since and are always focused on making an impact, always looking for new ways of working, and getting a buzz from creating something new.

We have transformed businesses in a variety of sectors including space, telecommunications, defence communications, the law, farming and rural economy, government relations, as well as, more recently, a not-for-profit member organisation. The one consistent thread in all our work is that it has been in Wales.

We’ve worked with companies like BT, Airbus, Virgin, NTL to name just a few of our bigger clients that have benefited from our inputs to their Government relations strategies. But we know that small businesses are the heartblood of our economy and we bring a fresh set of eyes and wider experiences to help them grow and succeed.

Whether you are considering something BIG, or just need to “check” some more routine thinking, it’s often worth getting some external advice. A different perspective, different experience or just some grey-haired wisdom can often help you ensure that you are on the right course. And our services can be tailored the way you want it – one-off, short engagement, long term – all to suit you.

And if you need to deal with governments we know who to talk to and how to get their attention. We can help you develop your vision and your messages as you build your team and supporter network.

You can contact us at: