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Building Strategic FutureS


Strategic Planning

We’ve planned the launch of phone companies, created innovative public/private sector research joint ventures, taken new hi-tech companies to market, written the cyber strategy for businesses in Wales and most recently built one of the leading supply chain groups in high growth sectors.

We have transformed businesses in a variety of sectors including business telecommunications, defence communications, the law, farming and rural economy, government relations, as well as, more recently, a not-for-profit member organisation. 

The one consistent thread in all our work is that it has been in Wales.

Boardroom Advice

Highly focused and high-functioning board could be too “in the detail” – so getting an alternate view just might be the way to go

Whether you are considering something major, or just need to “check” some more routine thinking, it’s often worth getting some external advice. A different perspective, different experience or just some grey-haired wisdom, can often help you ensure that you are on the right course.

Our advice service can be tailored the way you want it – one-off, short engagement, long term – all to suit you.

And this principle applies to boards and also Executives who I’d be happy to help as they see fit.

Non Executive Directors

Are you looking for new Non-Executive Director (NED) talent? If you feel the time is right to add a NED to your Board, someone with wide-ranging experience and a range of functional value, then we ought to have a conversation to see if we can be of help.

Alan Davies holds a Financial Times Diploma in Non-Executive Directorship, a rare formal qualification for NEDs and is keen to work with businesses of any size who are ambitious, with fast-growth prospects and who want to develop new ways of working to extract the maximum benefit from their company in order to achieve more than they are currently delivering.


What we do for you


Business Planning

It’s not just the number,s it’s the vision of where you want to go and the detail of how you’ll get there. We know how to pull that together for you. 


Government Relations

Dealing with governments is sometimes over complioacted, but we we know who to talk to and how to get their attention. We can also help you shape your message.



We have a range of connections who know how to put together the right funding arrangements for nearly all the opportunities that have come our way.



Digital Innovation

Transforming your business, or your relations with your customer?

We’ve done it, we’ve learnt from it and we can help you get through it.


General Management

Sometimes we all need someone to share the load with: and we can do some pretty heavy lifting if necessary.

Always there to help you at short notice. 


The Tough Stuff

Dealing with  difficult situations may not suit your existing management and you may want some help to deliver the bad news. We’ve got the scars and bruises and can you get you through to the other side..

About Us

Established by Alan Davies in 1994, we have been providing great support to businesses in Wales since then.

Always focused on making an impact, and always looking for new ways of working, we get a buzz from making you successful.

Some options

Major Corporates

We’ve worked with BT, Airbus, Virgin, NTL to name just a few of the bigger companies that have benefited from our inputs

Small Business

We know that small businesses are the heart blood of our economy and we bring a fresh set of eyes and wider experiences to help them grow and succeed.

Using Technology

We love it: working out how to change a business process by using a digital approach just floats our boat and will get you to a more effective and efficient positions with your customers, clients and stakeholders. 

Board Coaching

Gone are the days when boards met – mainly for lunch – and were appointed because they were “jolly good eggs”!. Now boards need to earn their keep and we know how to assess performance and help to optimise it. 

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